True Crime Detective Bundle – Page One Books
True Crime Detective Bundle
True Crime Detective Bundle
True Crime Detective Bundle
True Crime Detective Bundle
True Crime Detective Bundle
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True Crime Detective Bundle

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America can't get enough of true crime in our podcasts, in our tv series and in our BOOK BUNDLES!

Introducing our True Crime bundle, featuring your choice of best-selling books from the hosts of leading true podcast shows. The bundles ship for free.

Alaina Uruquart, co-host of the spoopy and amazing Morbid podcast, brings us The Butcher and the Wren, in which a Medical Examiner tracks a serial killer. As a real life autopsy assistant, Uruquart ensures that her protagonist observes the details of murder with chilling realism. If you choose The Butcher and the Wren, you'll receive a book plate signed by author Uruquart herself.

Ashley Flowers is the host of the popular podcast Crime Junkie. Her debut novel, All Good People Here , incorporates both murder and the dark motives leading up to it, as a journalist unravels small town secrets, from both the past and the present. Flowers' journalist pulls away the veneer, but she's not just investigating a story. She's coming to terms with her own past.

Choose a book (or get both), pull on your deerstalker hat and settle down for sleuthing with the gifts that come with both bundles*.

1. A macabre mug pointing us to the most usual suspect: The Husband Did It
2. A box of delicious Whittard of Chelsea tea
3. An evidence zipper pouch from Blue Q, perfect for storing clues, cosmetics and anything in between
4. A Page 1 bookmark

* The Butcher and the Wren comes with a bookplate signed by the author

This is just the first of our holiday bundles. Look forward to new bundles rolling out this month.

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