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Make The Switch.

We get it.  You want to do business with a company that represents your value system.  We feel the same way!  We know a lot of you want to make the switch to Page 1, but don't want to give up your credits with the other guy.  Well, we would hate to be the reason for anyone to lose out on anything.  So that's why we've decided to honor your credits with a book from a BIPOC author when you make the switch.  That's right.  ALL of your credits.  (And some of you have a lot!)

Here's how to do it:

  1. Sign up for Page 1.  Pick the subscription length that works for you and tell us all about your likes, dislikes, hopes, and dreams HERE.
  2. Email us a screenshot of your credits and your order number to

That's it!  We will send you a box (or boxes!) of beautifully written and beautifully wrapped books by BIPOC authors as soon as we can.  

No tricks.  No gimmicks.  Just goodwill for the book world and our wonderful readers!

This offer is available until July 15, 2020.