Help Save Page 1! – Page One Books

Help Save Page 1!

"My only advice is to stay aware, listen carefully, and yell for help if you need it."
- Judy Blume

Page 1 Books needs your help.

When we first started Page 1, we launched an iFundWomen campaign and were overwhelmed with the response from people in support of our idea.  

We are re-opening that campaign today to ask for your help again.  As everyone knows, the coronavirus has done a doozy on small businesses.  Before this, Page 1 was on an incredible growth trajectory.  That has now come to a screeching halt with the closing of our doors.  We are still shipping subscriptions and selling single titles through  We have applied for emergency disaster loans from the government, but those will be a long time in process.  We have done everything we could to help ourselves before asking you.

The math tells us that we need additional support to help with rent on the closed shop, payroll for booksellers, utilities, inventory, and more. If you believe in Page 1 and the joy that personalized bookmail can give, we ask for you to consider a donation of any size.  $5, $10, $15....anything helps and will be incredibly appreciated!

-Your Literary Matchmakers