Be a Page 1 Ambassador Affiliate!


Be on the lookout for announcements about next quarter on our social media platforms in January.

Please read everything below carefully.

Do you love books?  (Of course, you do.  Or you wouldn't be here!)  Do you love Page 1?  Would you like to make a little extra money?  Then why not be a Page 1 Ambassador Affiliate!  Anyone can apply and it's a great opportunity for existing and potential customers be apart of our journey to grow our bookish brand.  


- Ambassador Affiliates are chosen every 90 days.  

- You will receive a personalized three-month Page 1 subscription to review on all websites, blogs, vlogs and social media channels

-You will receive 10% commission for every subscription you sell


Please send an email to hello@page1books with the subject AMBASSADOR AFFILIATE, answering the following questions:

  • Name and location
  • Handle and/or link to your site
  • How often are you active social channels or blog/vlog?  Daily?  Weekly?  Tell us about your experiences.
  • Have you ever been an ambassador for another company?  If so, which?
  • Tell us a little about your reading life.
  • Why do you want to be a Page 1 Ambassador Affiliate?
  • And anything else that you think will help us make our decision!  Be creative!


What does it cost to sign-up?
Absolutely nothing!

How much can I earn in commission?
10% on each and every sale.

How can I track my sales?
You'll receive an automated email every time that a qualifying sale is made. You can use these emails to track your total commission to date.

How is commission paid?
Commission payments are made via Paypal. 

Who can apply?
The Ambassador Affiliate program open to website owners, bloggers, vloggers and social media users. If you can share a unique link, you can apply!


  • Post at least 1x per week during your three-month Ambassadorship.  (Want to post more?  Go nuts!  We will send you regular updates with news so there will be plenty of content!)
  • Mention @pageonebooks in each post and tag us
  • Include the custom link in your bio
  • We will send you a free three-month subscription to help you get to know our product!
  • We will share all promotions and assets that will help with your outreach
  • We will evaluate your participation at the end of the three-months to determine if we will keep you on as an Ambassador Affiliate for a longer amount of time
  • We will suspend Ambassador Affiliates that are supporting competitors
  • We will suspend Ambassdors that do not fulfill the agreement.