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Be a Page 1 Ambassador!



Please read everything below carefully.

Do you love books?  (Of course, you do.  Or you wouldn't be here!)  Do you love Page 1?  Would you like a FREE three month subscription?  Then why not be a Page 1 Ambassador!  Anyone can apply and it's a great opportunity for existing and potential customers be apart of our journey to grow our bookish brand.  


- Ambassadors are chosen every 90 days.  

- You will receive a personalized three-month Page 1 subscription to review on all websites, blogs, vlogs and social media channels


Please send an email to hello@page1books with the subject AMBASSADOR, answering the following questions:

  • Name and location
  • Handle and/or link to your site
  • How often are you active social channels or blog/vlog?  Daily? Weekly?  Tell us about your experiences.
  • Have you ever been an ambassador for another company?  If so, which?
  • Tell us a little about your reading life.
  • Why do you want to be a Page 1 Ambassador?
  • And anything else that you think will help us make our decision!  Be creative!


What does it cost to sign-up?
Absolutely nothing!

Who can apply?
The Ambassador Affiliate program open to website owners, bloggers, vloggers and social media users. If you can share a unique link, you can apply!

What are you looking for in an Ambassador?

We look for a lot of things in our Ambassadors!  We definitely want you to have a good group of followers that you want to share Page 1 with.  We also look for:

  • Diversity!  Our brand supports diversity in all forms and we want people who believe in that to stand for our brand.
  • Understanding of Page 1's business model and ability to explain our brand to readers
  • A serious love of books!

  • Post at least 1x per week during your three-month Ambassadorship.  (Want to post more?  Go nuts!  We will send you regular updates with news so there will be plenty of content!)
  • Mention @pageonebooks in each post and tag us
  • Include the custom link in your bio
  • We will send you a free three-month subscription to help you get to know our product!
  • We will share all promotions and assets that will help with your outreach
  • We will evaluate your participation at the end of the three-months to determine if we will keep you on as an Ambassador for a longer amount of time
  • We will suspend Ambassador that are supporting competitors.
  • We will suspend Ambassadors that do not fulfill the agreement.