Simpson and Vail Literary Teas
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Simpson and Vail Literary Teas

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The perfect stocking stuffer for the tea-drinking reader in your life!  Tins are 2oz of loose tea and we have the following writers available:

  • Louisa May Alcott's Green Tea Blend
    Enjoy dessert with the March sisters and our Louisa May Alcott blend: a combination of strawberry and almond flavors on a green tea base that brews to a distinctive ecru cup. Certified Kosher.
  • Jane Austen's Black Tea Blend
    You’ll feel like one of Jane Austen’s heroines as you sip this delicate looking blend that houses surprising strength. An undertone of vanilla is accentuated by warm lavender and cooling mint. Certified Kosher.
  • Walt Whitman's Organic Green Tea Blend
    Savor Walt Whitman's intense nature imagery with this mature blend that combines an unobtrusive organic green tea with the sweetness of lemon and the earthiness of ginger and eleuthero. Certified Kosher.
  • Bronte Sisters' Black Tea Blend
    This delectable blend combines flavors from the family orchards where the Bronte sisters relaxed and wrote. Pear and apple provide the flavor base that supports the stronger gooseberry tones. Certified Kosher.
  • Mary Shelley's Green Tea Blend
    This heavenly blend brews up to a golden color with a sweet fruit taste and an undertone of chocolate that will elevate your taste buds. Inspired by Shelley's eloquent words in Frankenstein, "I feel my heart glow with an enthusiasm which elevates me to heaven…".


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