Guilty Pleasures

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For me, reading is much like eating. One cannot live without eating, just as one cannot live without reading. Some may disagree, but I bet those of you who read blog posts on book sites agree with me wholeheartedly.

And just as one must have a sensible diet of food, the same goes for reading habits. The Classics, contemporary literature, thoughtful non-fiction. Titles we don't mind people seeing the covers of when we are on the train or plane or in other public places. We likely feel quite proud when someone notices our Kafka or Dostoevsky or E.M. Forster. We pat ourselves on the back and congratulate our literary selves. We are reading healthy.

Like eating, reading healthy day in and day out can be a drag. Let's be honest. Every once in a while, we need to be a little naughty. Have that cheesecake. Eat the sundae. Read the beach novel. Summertime is the perfect time to indulge, right? A trashy romance. A light historical fiction. Or, for me, fan fiction. That's right. I love fan fiction based on the Classics. There. I've said it. Judge away. I don't care.

Tales spun from the stories of Jane Austen, the Brontes, Shakespeare, Conan name it, I probably love it. So when I ran across Jane Steele today and saw the quip from Cosmopolitan magazine (I could die with shame!) on the cover calling it "Jane Eyre gets a dose of Dexter," it practically put itself in my cart. Take my money. Now. Please.

It's 3pm on a muggy Saturday afternoon. I've shopped for groceries, started some laundry, and am about to settle in for a satisfying piece of fictional cheesecake to treat myself. But you'll keep my secret, right?

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